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For the past year I’ve been working on a concept album as a follow-up to my 2017 EP unrelated. Unrelated was in fact the introduction to the universe explored in oblivion, this new album. I wanted to try out different music styles, have fun with different instruments and tell a story while talking about the complex subject of PTSD.

Thanks to BleepLove, this album is now a reality, and available for free or the price you want on their platform or on streaming and buying platforms! …

Okay, this article is going to be really funky. Because the solution is stupid in itself, but terribly effective in hindsight. Please be sure to check your architecture sanity altogether, because long story short : it’s going to get ugly really fast.

So the idea came as a solution to a problem I’m having at work (oh yeah, I’ve got a new job in Bordeaux, at AirInt Services) : we’re doing a React Native app, primarily for iOS, but also Windows and we’re not excluding an Android port. I wont go over the debate as to if this was the…

So here’s a nice way to get an acceptably precise metronome, with custom BPM and signature. The purpose is to create a MonoBehavior that you can stick to an entity to count your beats. Let’s start by creating a new C# script (javascript should be straight forward, but I don’t use it, sorry). I named it metronome, because that’s what it is. We’ll add in a few fields that will make sense soon enough :

public int Base;
public int Step;
public float BPM;
public int CurrentStep = 1;
public int CurrentMeasure;

private float interval;
private float nextTime;

First 3…


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